Our 2017 Ogilvy award winning concept we created for Garnet hill.  This was an exciting project were we built a transforming mobile boutique. That closes up and ships like a regular container and when on site it opens up into a fully furnished store as shown in the picture.

Our first residential project in Royal Oak. It was 2350 sq ft house with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The house came with modern smart home features like voice activated lighting using Amazon echo, camera system, and smart thermostat.

Our second project, a compact home for the person on the go.  Our first mobile tiny home that could go completely of the grid.

Our Fourth project was also very exciting. The guys from blight busters in Detroit approached us to make a Veterans Growhouse.  As a concept to grow vegetables for the veterans year round. It was featured on High Times click the link below to see the video